March 2018: Training
The Electromedik sales team attended the annual Philips training in Colonia Uruguay.

November 2015: Update Kinesics in Intensive Care
On 13 and 14 November took place the Day of Kinesics Update in Intensive Care Guillermo Rawson Hospital in San Juan. In it, the advantages of NIV were explained. Electromedik collaborated with the loan of equipment BiPAP RESmart BMC, O2Max and NIV masks.

November 2015: Incorporation of new equipment for testing of biosafety.
Electromedik is proud to present his new group of analyzers Fluke, with the sole purpose of improving the performance of its biosafety tests and provide customers with the assurance that the operation of your medical equipment is correct.
We invite you to know each of them on the following link

October 2015: Student Visit
Electromedik received during the month of October, the visit of a group of sixteen advanced students of Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering of the National University of San Juan, during an organized trip to meet domestic enterprises. The contact was made through CAEHFA and the talk was very rewarding.
Topics such as enterprise development, ideas that can become large projects, job opportunities and also had the honor to show all our facilities and products manufactured were discussed.

September 2015: 25th Argentine Congress of Intensive Care
From 16 to 20 September was held the 25th Argentine Congress of Intensive Care at the NH Gran Hotel Provincial in Mar del Plata and Electromedik SA was present. Argentina Organized by the Society of Critical Care Medicine, the scientific program included guests from around the world. Some of the central themes were "NIV in special situations. New interfaces. Applications and conflicts in its implementation", "gastrointestinal dysfunction critical patient", "Humidification in invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation," among others.

September 2015: International Workshop Course V Respiratory disorders during sleep and NIV
Electromedik SA participated in the V International Workshop Course Respiratory disorders during sleep and NIV, held on 3 and 4 September, Salguero Square in Buenos Aires. The workshop was organized by the Section Dream, Oxygen and Residential Treatment Chronic and was aimed at doctors pulmonologists, intensivists, respiratory therapists and nurses.

Topics like "normal sleep and what happens in respiratory disorders," "The laboratory Ventilation", "TRVS in pediatrics," among others were discussed.

August 2015: 42º Argentine Congress of Anesthesiology
Electromedik SA participated in the 42nd Argentine Congress of Anesthesiology, held on 26, 27, 28 and August 29 at the Convention Center City Center City Rosario, Santa Fe province.

A congress of Spanish-speaking Latin America to the world, in which topics such as "Difficult Airway Management", "Safety in Anesthesiology", "Anesthesia in Pediatrics" were discussed, among others.

July 2015
On June 23, 30 of June and July 7, were held workshops AVM at the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires. Electromedik helped them with equipment loan Trilogy 202 for invasive ventilation simulations.

June 2015:
25 and June 26 was held the Introductory Course Assistance respiratory mechanics, organized by Association of Anesthesia, Analgesia and Resuscitation of Buenos Aires. Electromedik part of the same offering their products for workshops with mechanical models, dictated by the kinesiologist Emiliano Gogniat: "Workshop on Basic NIV" and "Workshop on noninvasive fans." Of particular importance CPAP Pulmodyne wall, which explained the operation and advantages of the incorporation thereof to any service of anesthesia they are detailed.

April 2015:
Electromedik attended the V International Symposium on Critical Care, organized by the Foundation for Critical Care Hospital Italiano, held on 23 and April 24, 2015, in the Events Dynasty, CABA Complex. Our product specialists and vendors participated in the event as exhibitors presented products to all attendees, providing clinical, theoretical information and practical applications.

Philips products support brindadas served talks, which made reference to patient-ventilator interaction, weaning, patient monitoring mechanical ventilation, etc.

Of particular interest the Volumetric Capnograph NM3 mentioned and highlighted in the workshop "Volumetric Capnography. Vivo Animal Model ", although demonstration of monitoring was not conducted with the same. The aforementioned workshop had as lecturer at Emiliano Gogniat kinesiologist, who worked with professors from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the UBA, to operate the animal model. Stressed the importance of measuring the dead space in the patient AVM, the impact of medical action with the patient in AVM on the dead space, the interpretation of the differences between Bohr dead space and space Bohr-Enghoff dead, etc.

For the company it was a very enriching experience, since they could generate new links, as well as strengthening relations established by previous work. Through new contacts, talks demonstration of products that Philips offers, with great expectations are held.

March 2015:
From 2 to 5 March was held the Regional Sales Convention 2015 with the slogan "We focus on target" with the assistance of the entire sales force, both agents and distributors in the region. Our product specialists and vendors participated in lectures where instructed about sales techniques, product and market future releases

June 2014: On 18 and 19 June took place the 4th International Workshop Course "Respiratory Disorders during Sleep and NIV" organized by Section AAMR Dream. Electromedik participated with a stand of products.

March 2014: Electromedik attended the Regional Sales Convention 2014 Philips South LatAm on 10, 11 and 12 March. Our product specialists and vendors participated in lectures where instructed on sales techniques, product on the market and future releases



December 2013: The 5, 6 and 7 December was held the Congress of Respiratory Care Mechanics Mar del Plata led by Gerardo Tusman. Electromedik made ​​its contribution to the loan NM3 Volumetric capnography was used during the three days of the conference.




November 2013: On Thursday, November 28 was held the 1st International Congress SakiCare coordinated by Sergio Di Yelsi, Marcela Saadia and Gustavo Olguin. Electromedik participated with a stand of products.




October 2013:
UCA Convention - Electromedik SA
By agreement between the Catholic University and Electromedik, Electromedik is appointed trainer for career center specialist area of Health Sciences.

Septiembre 2013: El 12 de Septiembre realizamos un taller de Ventilación no Invasiva en Electromedik. La kinesióloga Mariana Celiz participó como docente, brindando a todos los alumnos información clínica, teórica y aplicaciones prácticas de la VNI.Así mismo contamos con la colaboración como docentes de la Aplicacionista de Philips, Carolina Vidal y la Especialista de Producto de Electromedik, Soledad Reyes quienes explicaron el uso de los equipos Trilogy 202 y V60 y detallaron las características de las diferentes interfases de Philips Respironics. Agradecemos a los 12 Licenciados en Enfermería y Kinesiología que asistieron en carácter de alumnos.


August 2013: Electromedik helped found the SIPAS project to be carried out in communities from the province of Salta.





May 2013: From 16/04/13 to 14/05/13 Electromedik has participated in the "CPR training course, NIV, AVM and severe sepsis in non UTIP" Gutierrez Hospital providing equipment and interfaces, among other products. Moreover, Biomedical Eng Soledad Reyes, the group collaborated with teachers to present the inner workings and user level Trilogy 202 ventilator and interfaces for NIV.




May 2013: Electromedik participated in the Third International Workshop Course Respiratory Disorders during Sleep and NIV.

June 2012: We are pleased to report that added to its fleet Electromedik two new vehicles.

July 2012 News

November 2011:
On days 3 and 4 November 2011 has made recertification audit the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008 Standard Company SA Electromedik
The scope of the audit included manufacturing processes, design and development, repair service, rentals, purchases, sales, trade, human resources and quality management according to criteria established by international standard ISO 9001:2008 and system documentation.
The results of the audit were very positive and showed the strengths of the Quality Management System. The auditors noted the openness and response to a request for information from the audit team and audited the professionalism of staff.
SA Electromedik is proud to support and improve over time their system of Quality Management ISO 9001:2008 in all its processes as a commitment to their valued customers.


August 2011: Electromedik donates four multiparameter monitors vital to the therapy room at the Hospital San Carlos Municipality of Capitan Sarmiento, Buenos Aires. The donation was made on the morning of Saturday August 6 in the presence of Oscar Int Ostoich, Sec David Defelipe Government, the Director of Hospital San Carlos Dr. Augustine Maschietto, Deputy Director Dr. Nicholas Scabini, Dr. Ricardo Sanchez, head of therapy, Dr. Elvio Petratti Electromedik and the president of Mr. Fabian Ferrario and part of the press Capitán Sarmiento.

August 2011

July 2011: Electromedik presents its line of Respironics to Philips headquarters SATI which took place on Mechanical Ventilation Course organized by the Committee Pulmonary Argentina Critique of Intensive Care Society. It was attended by doctors, physiotherapists and nurses. For your used NIV workshops including the new V60 model BiPAP and masks of the line.

July 2011

April 2011: Electromedik Staff attended the LATAM training organized by Philips in the city of Santiago de Chile, oriented to the following equipments: Respirators V200, V60 BiPAP, BiPAP Focus, Trilogy Respirator 202, and the whole line of Children's Medical Ventures.

Novedades Agosto

January 9, 2011: Electromedik on the roof of America! Proving that you can use the same values both in the business world, as in sports, Electromedik made an expedition to Aconcagua, where he built up a team work, camaraderie, hard work, tenacity and commitment.

Novedades Agosto

December 2010: Electromedik incorporates a new vehicle to transport equipment.

Entrega a domicilioOctober 2010: Our company is audited by Bureau Veritas Certification and recertify its Quality Management System under ISO 9001: 2000




Friday July 16, 2010: We are pleased to announce the start of a series of courses taught by Jorge Gonzalez at our facility. The first organized by Dolores Guerrero treatment the important issue of biosafety.

Novedades Agosto

Novedades Agosto

Entrega a domicilioFrom 7 to June 22, 2010: Mr Jorge Gonzales, technical manager of the company, assisting the Technical Training Course Preventive Maintenance Service-line Corrective respirators Philips Respironics to be issued in the city of Carlsbad California USA, comprising the entire line of equipment BiPAP Vision, V60 and V200/Espirit.

April 2010: Electromedik is recognized by the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires have been selected in the Program of Support to SME Competitiveness Category Innovation, Design and Management.

Novedades Agosto

Entrega a domicilioApril 2010: Electromedik renewed their rental equipment incorporating incubators neontatología Medix Natal Care and LED phototherapy equipment.



December 2009: Electromedik is pleased to announce that beginning Dec. 1 we moved to a new building of 800 square meters in Frigate President Sarmiento 2265, Capital

Novedades Agosto

December 2009: Program to support SMEs competitiveness 2009. With great satisfaction Electromedik is distinguished by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires through the Secretariat of Economic Development, along with other companies selected for their innovation programs and commercial responsibility. Our company is presented and sponsored by Adimra supported.

September 7, 2009: Our company is audited by Bureau Veritas Certification and recertify its Quality Management System under ISO 9001: 2000

It also starts migration for future certification system in the new version ISO 9001:2008

December 2008: We congratulate our technicians Carlos, Damian, Sergio and Matias for having passed the course "Electromedicine Specialist" issued by the National Technological University (UTN). Congratulations!

December 2008: We are pleased to report that Electromedik certified ISO 9001 in all its areas.

August 2008: Mr. Jorge Gonzalez and Bioing. Silvana Tochetti presented a paper called "Bio Security controls for medical equipment" and the Equipment Administration and repair software used in Electromedik SA in the twelfth edition of the International Conference on Clinic Engineering and Medical Technology organized by the GEIC (Engineering Clinic Study Group). The same occurred in the city of Parana, Entre Rios.

Novedades Agosto

Novedades Agosto

June 2008: Mr. Jorge Gonzalez and Bioing. Silvana Tochetti presented the Equipment Administration and repair software used in Electromedik SA in the 16th Hospital Maintenance Congress organized by the CAM (Argentine Maintenance Committee).
The Presentation file (.ppt) can be asked by sending an email to: ra.moc.kidemortcele@mactpp

June 2008: A paper called "Bio Security controls for medical equipment" has been presented by Mr. Jorge Gonzalez and Bio Engineering Silvana Tochetti in the second seminar programmed by CAM (Comité Argentino de Mantenimiento) for 2008.
The Presentation file (.ppt) can be asked by sending an email to: ra.moc.kidemortcele@mactpp

January 2008: Good practises certificate for Manufacturing Medical Products compliance has been given by A.N.M.A.T.

January 2008: Electromedik renueva su flota de vehiculos incorporando una nueva camioneta para el transporte del equipamiento.

November 2007: Electromedik pasó satisfactoriamente la segunda auditoria de vigilancia de ISO 9001 realizada por BVQI.

November 2007: Electromedik es seleccionado por la empresa china Beijing Choice para importar y distribuir sus productos en Argentina.

January 2006: We are pleased to inform that Electromedik became ISO 9000 certified in all of its areas

December 2005: We welcome our new representative in the area of Paraná and Santa Fe (capital city ) Eng. Jorge Rigoni.

August 2005:
Electromedik introduced the Jazz Pulse Oximeter in the 9 th World Congress on Intensive Care which took place in Buenos Aires.

April 2005: Pediatric Sensors
In order to satisfy our clients needs, Electromedik incorporated to the current manufacture of neonatal and adult sensors, the manufacture of pediatric sensors.

December 2004: Towards quality standards
Electromedik, with the assistance of external consultants, has begun the  process of accreditation for certification of ISO 9001:2000 and Best  Manufacturing Practices.

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