With over 20 years experience in medical equipment repair. We provide our services to the most prestigious medical institutions providing solutions. We own our own equipment we provide on loan for the repair of your unit.

Hiring a maintenance contract helps greatly improve the performance of your institution's computers.
This service means a considerable saving of time and money on repairs techniques and precise control of the correct functioning of the equipment.
We have highly skilled technicians and engineers in constant training, responsible for responding to needs arising.

This maintenance service meets the needs and equipment you own. It can include the following services:

- Corrective and preventive Technical equipment of the institution.
- Biosecurity Controls equipment,
- Repair technical hardware or software malfunctions,
- Support by call for the quick solution of problems of smaller scale
- Assistance in situ to provide help to the user in the use of equipment
- Services survey of the condition of the equipment.

From these services, and others that may arise, drawing up a maintenance contract plan that suits your needs.



Rental, repair, sale and manufacture of medical equipment
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